A Research Journal

This site is my new research journal. It is about design and its relation to topics like ecology, philosphy or learning and literacy. I will use the blog to help me make sense of stuff I stumble upon and as a place to structure my research findings.

Let’s see where it will go.

About Design After Now
As Timothy Morton has stated: “The ecological catastrophe has already occurred.” We don’t need to wait till the day after tomorow to see its impact. The sixth great extinction is happening. Ocean acidification is increasing. The exploitation of people and the planet for the sake of economic growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The list goes on and on. This is the new normal. This is the reality of the now.
What is the role of design in this new age, we call the anthropocene? Will it keep on contributing and fueling consumer culture? Or can it offer approaches that will help us face the challenges of the present? These are the questions I want to explore. Since design has an immense potential for shaping the world, it is worth having a holistic look at the interrelated environment in which it operates. Learning and literacy is another interesting topic in this regard, because a well educated and engaged, young generation might be our best answer to an unforseeable future.
So much for my intention for the site.